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Genexodus 3:2 – The Pitch

Posted in Genexodus, PowerPoint, The Pitch by cp on 21 December 2007

And so it came it to pass that Elders came forward and asked the Entrepreneur to share the good news about the Company in their presence.  The Elders set the time and place.  The Entrepreneur did not panic, but began diligently preparing his thoughts.

It’s pretty exciting to have a potential investor express interest in your company.  It’s both intoxicating and scary at the same time. But, once that moment comes it is time to get busy.  The problem usually is that you shouldn’t stop pursuing new customers, nor put anything else on hold.  Your family still needs attention.  Your employees, if any, need attention too.  You *might* consider canceling some social engagements. But, most likely you’ll go without sleep.

The important thing to understand is the structure of your pitch and matching it to your audience.  Clearly, a presentation prepared to sell the company’s product is different than a presentation to pursue an equity investment.

more coming soon…


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